Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leathered Table

After seeing "Compulsive in Texas" brown paper countertops I was "inspired".  I decided to update an old Ikea Lack coffee table. Since I completed my table Susan @ "Compulsive in Texas" has done a bathroom floor and stairs too! Check them out!

I'm new to blogging (been following many of you for a long time but this is my first post) so if I'm doing it all wrong please forgive me. Photos are taken with a simple point and shoot so they may be bad as well. But, here goes....

First, I took an old wobbly legged Lack coffee table and repaired the leg. I then ripped up brown paper grocery bags, crumpled the pieces and placed them in a white glue/water mixture and covered the table and legs. After it dried (for days) I then stained it and used some poly to protect it. I really wanted to put upholstery tacks along the edge but the MDF or whatever the table is made of was extremely difficult to nail into. Does it look like leather to you?

Hoping to link to some parties. Keeping my fingers crossed I'm able to.


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